Owner’s Representative not to be confused with Construction Manager or Project Manager

Project Management is the coordination of Time, Equipment, Money, Tasks and People;

Construction Management is the process of organizing and directing men, materials and equipment to accomplish the purpose of the designer; and

Owner Representation is the effective third party hired by the owner in the absence of any or little experience and/or knowledge of the building construction process by the owner.

Usually Owner Representatives have experience and/or knowledge in planning, design, construction, construction management, project management, real estate and the overall development process with the ability to anticipate and solve problems in a timely manner.

The following is a partial list of common tasks and activities appointed to Owner Representative by the Owner:


Liaison between the project participants and the owner (sometimes the owner’s management staff or team);

Advises and assists the owner in the need for a project team, who should be on the team, team selection, qualifying the team, and hiring the team;

Advises and assists the owner in the need for a project schedule and budget including the respective tasks and activities;

Attends and participates in municipal planning, design and review meetings on behalf of the owner;

Monitors the design and development process pursuant to the owner’s best interests, desires, and expectations;

Oversees the overall design process to insure that the contract documents are prepared and completed on a timely basis and the final design complies with the owner’s expectations; and

When given the authority executes documents and contracts on behalf of the owner

During Construction

Insures compliance with the contract/construction documents by recognizing, resolving and responding to issues and problems for the purpose of avoiding conflicts and delays;

Manages and responds to costs and payment requests from project resources such as the Construction Manager, Architect, Engineer, Contractor(s), and owner’s vendors; and

Insures that the contract documents are being executed correctly.

Post Construction

Assists the owner in occupying the property/project;

Monitors the project for defects and/or deficiencies as reported by the occupants of the project and prepares and transmits such information to the contractor and/or responsible parties;

and Organizes and attends the one year inspection if mandated by the contract documents and/or statutory requirements.

Perhaps others can comment on and/or offer addition benefits of Owner Representation or even services needed by owners when undertaking building construction projects.

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