Improving the Construction Industry Through a More Positive and Healthier Life Style

We are always looking for ways of improving the Construction Industry because there are lots of team members.  Well here are two simple and fast ways of doing just that.

Good manners, positive attitudes, and staying healthy can help achieve and maintain outstanding project productivity and promote good working relationships with all team members.

Building a More Positive Life Style

Too often we either miscommunicate or offend others with words we use or wrong unintentional body language, gestures, expressions, and most of time it’s simply negative and poor behavior which leads to bad manners.

These behavioral failures tend to be especially true when extending complements, offering constructive criticism, and just every day life’s events.

Try this simple 3 step game, the object being to accumulate lots of points by the end of each day.


 Step 1 – Using the “Sample Positive and Negative Behaviors” table below create and memorize your own list;

 Step 2 – Using the honor system start each new day with zero “0” points; and

 Step 3 – Let your actions be your guide by awarding yourself plus points for every good deed, action or positive behavior performed. And deducting minus points for every negative or self- serving action performed.

Sample Positive and Negative Behaviors

Positive and Good Behavior = Plus Points Negative and Poor Behavior = Minus Points*
Acting with good manners (+1) Not acting with good manners (-1)
Greeting others with a smile (+1) Not greeting others with a smile (-1)
Positive and future talking (+2) Negative and past talking (-2)
Doing something special for a friend or family member (+5) Being self-centered (-2)
Being on time (+2) Being late (-2)
Hold a door open for someone (+1) Don’t hold a door open for someone (-1)
Saying Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening to others (+1) Not Saying Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening to others (-1)
Saying thank you (+1) Not saying thank you (-1)
Giving or offering a senior citizen a seat on the bus (+2) Not giving or offering a senior citizen a seat on the bus (-2)
Saving your litter for a garbage can (+2) Littering (-2)


Subtract any Minus Points from Plus Points.  For example:   +10 – 2= +8 points for the day

Have fun and try for lots of + Plus Points each day.

Building a More Healthier Life Style

Try avoiding the following for a couple of weeks to lose weight, inches and get healthier and happier which leads to improved self-esteem, a more positive attitude and happier and life style. Most important, eat three meals every day.

No Caffeinated Drinks

No Eating in Bed

No Frozen Foods

No Junk Foods

No snacks between meals

No sparkling sugar added drinks

No unnatural salt

No white flour

No white rice

No white sugar

If you can’t avoid all of these try avoiding a few.

If you have more suggestions on improving the Construction Industry please tell us!

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